5 Mil/ 36 Ga. Copper Sheet

Copper Foil Sheets 5 Mil (.005 inches) 36 gauge Thick-These are High-Quality Pure Copper Sheets for embossing, repousse, various home improvement projects, do it yourself projects, construction projects, and arts and crafts projects as well as manufacturing, electrical applications including rf shielding, research/development, and much more. Some customers also use this thickness for tabletops, bar tops, and counter tops-however when using 5 mil for these applications, we do strongly recommend attaching the copper to a substrate and applying an epoxy for long term durability! Copper Alloy 110 (99.9% pure copper!) Smooth Commercial Finish/Annealed (Soft and Very Malleable) and manufactured to ASTM-B152 specifications. Available in widths of 3", 6", 12", 18", and 24" and 36." 5 mil copper foil does not tear by hand, but can be easily cut with scissors. It is extremely pliable.

Not sure of the thickness or size you need? See our Thickness Guide and Project Advice, Tips, and Tutorials Page!