Exterior Copper Wall with Blue Patina

We love the unique outdoor space created with our copper and patina products in this project!
Our customer Kathy Sweet of Virginia,  had an exterior 27 ft long stretch of wooden fencing that she wanted to improve the look of. 
She covered the original wooden fence to create this beautiful copper wall. She chose the 22 Mil Copper and pieces of edge trim copper in the raw option, to complete this. 
She had help from landscapers with the installation,  and she then applied the patina solutions herself to create the beautiful color. 
She used our tiffany green and powder blue at a ratio of around 31 green to 1 blue.  This small bit of blue gave
the green a pretty turquoise color.  The blue is very strong and so just a splash into the green is all that is needed to produce a bluer tone without it taking over completely.  The edge trim across the top, gave the wall a more finished look, and if ordered without lacquer, the patina solution works great on it as well. 
Once installed, she added a clear coat to prevent further oxidation and preserve the beautiful look she created!