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3 Mil Copper Foil

Copper Foil Sheets and Rolls 3 Mil (.003 inches) Thick Copper Alloy 110 (99.9% CU) Smooth Commercial Finish/Annealed (Dead Soft and Very Malleable) and manufactured to ASTM-B152 specifications with a thickness tolerance of +/- 5%. These are High Quality Premium Copper Sheets for Crafts and Art Projects, Embossing, Manufacturing, Electrical Applications including RF Shielding, Research and Development, Do It Yourself Projects, and Much More! Available in widths of 6", 12", 18", and 24." This is thin foil. It is approximately twice as thick as 1.4 mil and 4.5 times household aluminum. It can be easily cut with scissors, torn by hand, and wrinkles fairly easy. See our Thickness Guide for help determining the proper thickness for your project and a video description of this thickness. If you don't see the size you need or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone at 252-491-2812, email at info@basiccopper.com or try our "live chat" feature for immediate assistance!