2-Toggle 1-Rocker Copper Switch Plate

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Basic Copper's handmade toggle and rocker copper switchplates easily amplify every design project. Artisan copper switchplates come in a variety of contemporary finishes including raw copper, rustic copper, and bamboo copper. This switchplate accommodates two toggles and one rocker. Our additional configurations seamlessly match your project's needs. With diverse color options, unique patterns, and distinctive textures, Basic Copper makes it easy to coordinate with your design scheme. Each of our toggle and rocker switchplates is made with careful attention to detail and crafted out of only the best high-quality materials. Pure copper bonded to a high-quality, unbreakable vinyl baseplate.

  • Installs in minutes
  • Easy care; simply wipe clean
  • Matching screws included
  • 24 configurations to choose from