Mottled Copper Backsplash

Mottled Copper Backsplash- Steve & Tammy Miller of Marathon Wisconsin. Steve and Tammy chose our 22 mil designer patina copper in the "Mottled" option to create this gorgeous copper backsplash. The cabinets are all hickory wood and the counter tops are granite. They wanted to choose a unique material option for their backsplash and found exactly what they wanted with the choice of copper. The mottled is a really gorgeous pattern that allows some of the original copper color to show, but also adds dimension and an appearance of texture with the patina. It works in a number of environments and combines well with other building materials.

Mottled Copper Backsplash Picture 1

Mottled Copper Backsplash Picture 2

Mottled Copper Backsplash Picture 3