Glass Fused on Copper By Tanya Garvis

Red Sunny Trio

Glass fused on Copper by Tanya Garvis

copper fused glass

Information about this art and the artist who created it:

The Vitreous Enameling Process

The vitreous enameling process goes back to ancient Greece. Archeologists have dated pieces of jewelry bearing colorful designs to the 13th century.

Over the years, the materials used in the process, a metal substrate and glass, have not changed. Once a design is conceived, the elements are fused together in a kiln at temperatures nearing 1000-1600°F. Pieces may be fired numerous times until the desired result is achieved.

Although the basics have stayed the same, many different techniques have proliferated throughout history. Tanya prefers working with copper as a substrate and uses a variety of glass colors to make her pieces unique. Each piece is an original, there are no two the same.

The resulting art commands attention and is prized for it's color and brilliance. Artists practicing the vitreous enamel process are rare, due to the processes' laborious work flow and narrow margin for error.

Tanya's Process

Tanya has converted the family porch into her studio, equipping it with a kiln, glass and copper supplies and all of the tools she needs to create her designs. (A space heater allows Tanya to work during cold Minnesota winters).

Tanya's process begins with cutting individual shapes from copper sheeting, some to be used in the art, some occasionally used as framing material. Glass is then dusted on the copper and given an initial firing. Pieces are then sanded to various degrees to prep the surface. Sanding can also be used and for aesthetic purposes. Finally, a variety of methods are used to apply and shape the glass powder which forms the final designs. Each piece may go through several rounds before it is finished, guaranteeing that no piece will ever match another.

About the artist:

Tanya has always appreciated fine art. After years in the restaurant business and in marketing, she became worn out at the very prospect of continuing in those fields. One day, she happened upon some art at a gallery, and was smitten by it. She left her name and number with the owner, hoping to apprentice with the artist. She knew the likelihood of this was slim. Almost two YEARS LATER, she got the call.

After apprenticing with Dennis Berry and learning the fine process of enameling, she became convinced that she had finally found her calling. She also learned that glass and copper fused together create extraordinary visual effects. No two designs are the same.

She has a studio in Deephaven, Minnesota. In addition to creating art, she loves traveling, reading, gardening and ˜hanging out with her family. She is married to a really cool guy, and has 2 amazing children (seriously). Her husband spends countless hours helping her build frames and glue pieces together.

Tanya was born and raised in the Twin City area. She also spent several of her formative years living in Germany. She attended the University of Minnesota and graduated with degrees in Marketing and Psychology.

This information came from Tanya's website located at: Feisty Art Girl