Flamed Torched Copper Table Top

Firepit with a Flamed Copper Table Top

This is AMAZING work and for a great cause! This beautiful copper tabletop was created by Donn Robinson, retired USAF from Owatonna, Minnesota using our 8 mil (32 gauge) and 10 mil (30 gauge) copper sheeting. The pieces are attached with over 2,400 brass nails, all hand-driven and with no adhesive used! Each individual piece was heated/torched to different extremes. Different mediums were added while heating to give the copper different highlights. Each piece then was buffed to bring out the shine. He used a protective clear coat to seal it.

His vision and hard work paid off when he and his wife donated the table to a non-profit group. It was auctioned off and raised $2,000! All monies were donated to the Hormel Cancer Research Institute in Auston, Minnesota.

Flamed Copper Table Top 1

Flamed Copper Table Top 2

Flamed Copper Table Top 3

Flamed Copper Table Top 4

"Find A Cure" written in braille. Amazing work!
Flamed Copper Table Top Find a cure in brail