Copper Sculpture By Gary Anthony of Hawaii

About the Fish

"The Squadron"- this is a group of Tevally fish, or "Ulua" as they are called in Hawaii.

copper sculpture

Inspired by all of the ocean and its diversity of exotic looking fish, these true to life sculptures are hand created in 24 gauge copper by Kauai artist Gary Anthony... AKA the JewelerAtLarge.

After the initial forming, which is done in a large wooden stake, the lines to be "chased" are drawn onto the reverse side and then hammered out using some large steel chisels that have been ground and polished into different shapes. Some fins are later soldered on and the fish are patinaed to protect and color the copper.

These and other fish are available as well as your own custom creations... contact Gary Anthony via e mail or call 808 639 5088

Here is a Mahi-Mahi:

copper sculpture