Copper Kimono by Judy Schwab

Copper Kimono is 60” wide and 45” long. The copper's color and texture in this piece were achieved by crumpling copper sheet and then throwing it into an outdoor wood fire. After quenching in cold water, the process was repeated and then the foil straightened and cleaned, flattened with a rolling pin, shellaced, and the pieces cut out. The approximately one-inch squares making up the “sleeves” are made of 5 mil copper foil and are all folded at the edges, pierced at the two top corners, and then sewn by hand onto a linen burlap back. The “body” is made of a lighter weight foil and sewn to the fabric by piercing the material with a hand-sewing needle. The entire piece is lined with a satin backing and hangs from a bamboo pole.

Copper Kimono