Copper Sheet 20 Gauge High 32 Mil (.032") Quality, Premium Copper Sheet -Alloy 110 (99.9% cu) Annealed (Very Malleable/Dead Soft Temper)/Smooth Commercial Finish

20 Gauge Copper Sheet (32 Mil) 36" X 10'

This copper sheet is 20 gauge or 32 Mil (.032 inches) thick and thirty-six inches wide by ten feet long. It is manufactured to ASTM-B152 specifications, is annealed (dead soft and very malleable), and is 99.9% pure copper alloy 110. This sheet can be used for various craft and art projects, do it yourself and construction projects, electrical applications, manufacturing, and much more! It is shipped in foam packaging for superior protection during transit to ensure delivery without damage. This item qualifies for FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone at 252-491-2812, via email at or through our "live chat" and we will be happy to discuss your project!