Copper Sculpture - by Linda Hartman
This unique copper and driftwood sculpture, titled "Sirens", was created by Linda Hartman.

Linda describes her process as "relatively simple". She uses almost exculsively 8 mil copper for repousse, which is created using simple tools like empty ball point pens, wooden clay sculpting tools, and large ball embossing styluses. She always works front and back on a piece using foam core as the working surface. After that, she mounts the piece on a backer- usually a cradled wooden artist panel. Next she sands the copper with a fine grit to give it some tooth so that color can be applied with alcohol based inks, sometimes followed by acrylic highlights. The pieces are then sealed with a brush-on satin or gloss liquitex varnish....and tada! She sometimes uses the 10 mil copper for larger pieces and when adding copper to driftwood sculptures like the wings on the shown "Sirens" piece.

You can view more of her work at her website: