Copper Covered Vigas by Loren of Silver City, NM

The photos of these copper covered vigas were submitted by Loren of Silver City, NM. The copper on the vigas will save them from rotting... plus it adds a wonderful decorative touch!

copper vigas

copper vigas

copper vigas

Loren provided these application notes:

"I measured the viga length, added two inches, and then rounded the front edge to leave a 1” overhang at the side. That way I hope to reduce the wicking of water into the ends of the wood.

The 10 mil (30 gauge) copper sheet bent around the viga easily to form fit each piece. The only difficulty was on a 4’ long beam that was not all that straight.

I attached the copper to the viga with Basic Copper's copper tacks. I had a little problem there because the soft tacks curled up rather than penetrating the 10 mil (30 gauge) copper sheeting. \I solved the problem by using a finishing nail to tap a starter hole through the sheeting, then used the tacks to secure the sheet. (Basic Copper note... you could also use copper nails instead of tacks and that would eliminate the need of the starter hole and tack curl.)

I finished the job by running a bead of silicone caulk between the stucco and the copper to keep any water from infiltrating behind the copper and into the stucco.

An easy, attractive, and functional solution to the problem!" We agree!!