Copper Gazebo Roof - Judge Severson Alto, NM

Gazebo Roof made of Copper Sheeting

Pictured here is a gazebo roof, created out of 5 mil (36 gauge) copper sheeting as a solution to a pre-existing roof that was nearly ruined by the weather. This was made by Judge Jerry Severson from Alto, New Mexico. Click on the picture above for a better look!

The original gazebo roof was made of teakwood. It weathered so badly during the first year that cracks and splits almost destroyed it. Rather than trashing the roof, Judge Severson covered it with the copper foil.

First, he used a spray adhesive and silicon to attach the copper foil to pieces of bathroom wall board. He then screwed the covered siding onto the roof panels, using silicon again to seal the edges to keep the water out.

The final result is absolutely beautiful! And the roof should now last for many years to come.