Copper Foil Plant Markers

How to Make Plant Markers out of Copper Foil

Supply List:


  • Scissors
  • Rolling Pin
  • Solder Gun
  • Fine sandpaper or steel wool
  • Pliers

Begin by cutting the desired shape of the plant marker from a piece of paper. Tape the paper shape to the copper sheet and then cut out along the paper outline. Note that the oil from your fingers can stain copper so be sure to wear gloves if you are concerned with keeping the copper foil unblemished.

Once you have cut the shape from the copper sheet, if necessary, place the copper piece on a flat surface and use a rolling pin to flatten it. Then, using a pencil with a blunt tip, write plant names on copper foil. You may want to write them out on the paper template first to help with placement, and then trace the paper over the copper piece to duplicate the letters.

If you want the letters to stand out, you can use a fine tip black marker such as a Sharpie to trace the letters and help them be more visible.

You may wish to use some fine sandpaper or steel wool to smooth out the edges of the copper shape.

Lastly, you will need to connect the wire to the label. You can do this with solder (the copper will get hot so be sure to hold it with needle nose pliers or a heat resistant gloved hand while working with the solder), or you can poke small holes in either side of the top of your marker and bend the wire up through one hole and down through the other and then twist the wire together.

Now your plant marker is ready for the garden! Remember that left untreated copper will begin to oxidize and develop a beautiful patina. This does not harm the copper, but actually protects it! If you wish for the copper to remain shiny simply apply a coat of lacquer or polyurethane to the finished product.