Bottled Patina Solution- Powder Blue- 32 oz.

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Bottled Patina Solution for Copper Powder Blue 32 oz.

This solution is used for creating a patina on copper, bronze, or brass. It is suitable for use on projects both indoors and out. This solution will produce a beautiful blue that can vary in color from a light powder blue to darker robin's egg blue. Do not apply the product too heavily or it will become very flaky. It seems to work best to spray on, sponge or brush off excess, and then build in layers if you would like a very saturated surface.

The blue patina will begin to develop immediately but it will develop over a period of several hours before producing the final result.

To use: First clean the metal thoroughly and allow to dry, Then spray, brush or sponge on the solution.

After 2- 6 hours the patina will be fully developed. When done, preserve the look with a clear sealant if desired.

Coverage will vary based on the heaviness of application and the number of coats used. One 32 ounce bottle may cover 80 square feet or more.

Clean Copper Sheet before application of bottled patina

copper dragonfly

Copper Sheet after application of patina. This is one coat - sprayed on and dabbed with a sponge brush, after about 2 hours.

blue patina copper dragonfly