These various colors are developed using techniques and processes mastered through years of experimentation. These patina copper sheets can be used for a variety of applications and projects including counter-tops, bar tops, back splashes, cabinets, furniture, and much more. Note that because each piece is truly unique, you should expect some slight variations in the patina-in other words, no two pieces are exactly alike. Thus it is best to order all of the sheets you are going to need at the same time.

All of our copper is 99.9% pure copper (Copper Alloy 110). These patina copper sheets are .005 inches thick (lightweight 5 mil or 36 gauge) copper alloy 110 (99.9% pure copper) and 22 mil (heavy gauge 24 gauge/16 Oz). See a detailed description of both 5 mil and 22 mil in our Thickness Guide.

Note that if you plan on applying an epoxy or lacquer finish, you should purchase the unsealed finish or the lacquer finish (note some patinas come only in the lacquer finish). Lead time on all patina sheets is typically 3-5 business days. See our Patina Copper Sheets FAQ's . For further questions contact us via email at or try our "live chat" feature for immediate assistance!