Copper Bar top with Patina- by Bill C.
The photos of this beautiful copper bar top were submitted by Bill C.

He created this using our 5 mil copper sheeting . Due to the curvature of the bar top, there are two seams, but they blend right in and you can barely tell where they are. He overlapped both pieces of the copper, and cut down the middle if them with a utility knife. He describes the seam as "perfect" and says it actually looks like a soldered seam. He also added that he was very surprised at how easy this product was to work with considering you only get one shot when gluing it down. He used our bottled antiquing patina solution . along with some vinegar. Applied both with a with sea sponge and then buffed in with a slow rpm car buffer. He then sealed the copper with an epoxy for protection.

What a gorgeous bar top!

 photo copper-bar-top-1.jpg

 photo copper-bar-top3.jpg

a close up of the patina he developed:

 photo copper-bar-top-2-1.jpg

a close up of one of the seams:

 photo copper-bar-top-seam.jpg