5 Mil/ 36" X 4' Copper Roll -50% OFF

Bargain Bin - Imperfect Copper Sheet

5 mil (.005" thick)

36 inches wide by 4 feet long

There are several of these currently available, but many are dented and so they discount is currently over 50% off of the original cost.

Limited Quantities Available


Most of the copper sheeting listed on this page is offered at a discount due to imperfections in appearance. The pieces may be wrinkled or dented, or show fingerprints or annealing stains. Other pieces may be discounted due to an overstock situation.

There are limited quantities of these items available. Inventory control settings may not allow you to order an item if it has recently sold out and has not yet been removed from the page. Likewise, these settings will not allow you to order multiple quantities of an item beyond what is available. Email us at info@basiccopper.comif you have any questions!