Copper Cleaner and Polisher

<font color="darkred"><b>   Copper Cleaner and Polisher</b></font>
We have tried many different polishers and cleaners, and have found that Wright's Copper Cream is the best! It quickly and easily cleans and polishes even heavily stained copper, and leaves a beautiful color behind. All of this without the residue or discoloration that is caused by some other products. This 8 ounce tub includes a sponge for easy application.

"Wright's Copper Cream cleans and polishes copper while restoring its natural color and shine. This mild formula removes tarnish, erases discoloration, and rinses off easily"

Directions: It is best to wear rubber gloves while using. First, wipe down the copper sheet with warm water. Then rub the cream directly onto copper using the enclosed sponge or a clean cloth. Rinse with warm water, and then dry. Buff with a clean dry lint-free cloth. Not for use on lacquered surfaces.