Protective Clear Coat for Copper and other metals.

Copper Guard Copper Lacquer

Copper Guard Copper Lacquer
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Copper Guard is a crystal clear, durable, air drying lacquer that results in a hard, fast-drying, and tarnish resistant film. It has excellent adhesion to copper, bronze, brass, and other metals and is UV and weather-resistant, ready to use, and easy to apply. Copper Guard has been engineered to provide excellent interior/exterior protection for all metals.

NOTE: When using Copper Guard or any sealant on RAW copper the copper must be properly cleaned and degreased. Proper surface preparation is essential to providing the longest and most durable protection.

Coverage: 12 oz. Spray Can approximately 25 square feet per can, one coat. One quart (32 oz.) approximately 62 square feet, one coat. One gallon (128 oz.) approximately 250 square feet, one coat.